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Deqing Sanhe Rubber&Plastic Co., Ltd/Huzhou Sanhe Insulation Material Factory,  It is located at Qianyuan Town, Deqing County, ZhejiangChina, With two factories:  Qianlong industrial area and Moganshan high-tech district new material zone. covering an area of about 26000 square meters. with two factories total building area 33,000 square meters, existing staff 120 people.

        Our company is mainly engaged in the production and professional post-processing of PVC soft micro-porous foamed cotton materials . PU soft micro-porous foam and all kinds of rubber and plastic foamed materials , And their subsequent processing of cutting, gluing, composite, cutting, die cutting, slitting, pipe making, heat setting process service, We provide a wide range of foam materials, superior product quality, high precision and high standard deep processing technology for domestic and foreign automotive interiors, household appliances, construction, air conditioning engineering, ships, locomotives, sports equipment, household goods and other industries to play a variety of anti-shock, sound absorption, heat insulation, sealing, dust prevention, filtration and other equivalent. A series of fruit materials.