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PVC blue film double-sided foam tape

1.The open-cell foam substrate allows air and moisture to enter and contact the silicone glue, thereby accelerating the curing of the silicone glue and having good chemical adaptability, and effectively reducing the thermal expansion of doors, windows and metal structures Cold shrinkable, can be cut into various widths according to customer needs. Single or double-sided tape is used to facilitate the application of spacer materials for the assembly of double-sided or four-sided hidden-frame glass curtain walls. The heat-insulation die-cut products of door and window systems can be used for damping and sound insulation of traditional glass assembly internal spacer materials.

2.PVC blue PCB protective tape is made of excellent blue PVC film and rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is specially designed for PCB and stainless steel plate. It has good high temperature and solvent resistance. It is suitable for It is used for the surface protection of PCB, instruments and meters to prevent surface damage during the manufacturing process.

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